tommoassists' FC pack - Holland Roden


  • 990 gifs
  • 24 icons
  • 5 PNGs
  • 21 headers

None of the gifs, PNGs, headers or icons were made by me and all credit goes to the original owners. If you see your resource in the pack and would like it taken off just let me know.

You can download it here.

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theme e (05): natasha by stves (static preview/code)


  • 400px or 500px posts
  • 4 customizable links
  • color options
  • option to show tags on hover
  • option to have collapsible post notes
  • 230px sidebar image
  • updates tab included, option to turn it on and off

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Are you bored of reading or writing the same old paras with the same old settings? Feeling uninspired when it comes to thinking of new ideas of places your characters can go or activities they can do? Well fret no more, because under the cut is a list of 75 ideas for paras that may be of help. Please note that whilst many of these have been written with couples in mind, many of the activities will work for friends too.

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Grandewritestheme ten: stronger than i’ve been.

Live preview. & Get the code.

Theme rules.

Like, or reblog before using.
Do not remove the credits.
Edit to your liking.
Don’t claim as your own or redistribute.

Theme features.

245px wide sidebar, and it needs to be 275px high or it’ll look strange.
Three custom links that hovers when you hold the mouse in the middle of image.
Pagination under the description.
Easy editable colors.


psd no.7 - drizzle

  • for drizzle, my wonderful chum
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  • download here


  • fonts: muggle news (left), ocr a extended (right)
  • features: customization for different houses and year groups
  • tips: looks best when you use images of your fc which have a black background, or if you use a transparent png

Downloading, reassembling and reposting this components of this psd as your own is stealing. If you steal, redistribute or claim my work as your own I will feed you to nagini/make it public.  (◕‿◕✿)

033.This psd was made by idcolorings, more psds u find here, hope you enjoy, likes and reblogs always inspire us to do it more and better for you. download


  • Here is a gif hunt of 329 gifs of KRISTEN STEWART in just her acting roles (no interviews).
  • Kristen is known for her roles in the Twilight saga, Speak, Into the Woods, Adventureland, and On the Road.
  • None of these gifs were made by me, but I did edit quite a few.
  • If you download or save any, you must like this post.
  • Thank you & enjoy!!


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Riley Does Guides: Building Character’s Sexual and/or Gender Identity

The roleplay community has started to recognize that the exclusion of MOGAI characters is a problem, and with that, more MOGAI characters have begun showing up. It’s becoming more accepted that if you’re specifically only playing cissexual heterosexual characters, you’re contributing to the problem.

‘I don’t want to make/play an X character just for the sake of diversity! I already have so many cis/heterosexual characters I’m attached to!’, well, there’s an easy solution to that. While many non cis and non-heterosexual people knew they were that way from the beginning, many found themselves discovering all this later in life (I myself am included in this group). Characters can (and should) reflect this! How do you go about doing this you ask? Well, it’s actually not quite as complicated as one might think, under the cut I’ve written up a guide on how to do this in a respectful and believable way.

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Hi this is the template 01 for headers made by arescoloring! I hope you like! Please don’t claim as your own and if you downloaded like or reblog. Enjoy!! xx


download (contains 1, 046 gifs, 15 sidebars, and 18 icons)

As a way to thank you guys for 300+ followers, I'm making a few FC Packs for Korean idols. If something doesn't work, don't hesitate to let me know. The first pack if of Girls' Generation's IM YOONA. She's the groups visual is highly known for not only performing as a group, but for being a talented actress and the queen of CFs.