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Michael B. Jordan (22-30) and Brandon Mychal Smith (19-25)


I’ve seen a fair few guides and master lists that include some Australian slang that is cliche, and not used by actual Australians that aren’t crocodile hunters or bad cliche Australian characters. So here are what the modern young Australian might say.

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okay, so here's a holland roden gif hunt that consists of about 291 small/medium gifs of my ginger bc obviously i love her and i've recently seen some new gifs of her around so, i thought that i'd make a gif hunt including them. none of these are mine. There shouldn't be any gray boxes or repeats. Sorry if there are. I will always be adding more gifs to my hunts. like if this helped or don't.

updated: +26


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A Mary Sue Test So You Can Put Your Writer Mind at Ease and Start Worrying About More Important Stuff


Being a writer is hard, especially if you’re ever going to have a significant audience. People are going to hate on you for your plot, shame you for your conflict, and call you lazy for your characters. I generally make a point of ignoring the particularly vitriolic feedback because it’s rarely very helpful, but more legitimate criticism will still make you think. Did I do this wrong? Is this character a Mary Sue?

I can’t quell your fears about the entirety of the story, but I’m going to do my best to quell your fears about your possibly Mary Sue character, and give you the tools and direction to make your character less Sue-like if character fails the test.

This article defines a Mary Sue as “an idealized character, often but not necessarily an author insert.” That’s kinda vague, but if you keep reading it get’s more specific.

The negative connotation comes from this “wish-fulfillment” implication: the “Mary Sue” is judged as a poorly developed character, too perfect and lacking in realism to be interesting.

We’re going to ignore the “wish-fulfillment” part because what part of writing isn’t wish-fulfillment?

So, the definition of a Mary Sue I’m going to be using here is A character of any gender that is unrealistically perfect or ideal, thus poorly developed.

Now, the test. It’s going to be pretty simple.

Is your character:

  • Unrealistically attractive, smart, envied, loved, fortunate, selfless, righteous, powerful, or otherwise perfect for the world and situation in which they’ve been put?

Does your character:

  • Stay the same throughout the story, never developing or growing?
  • Always succeed?

Is it impossible to recall:

  • A significant flaw that your character has?
  • A time your character has said, done, thought the wrong thing?

If you answered yes to all of these things, your character is a Mary Sue. Don’t freak out.

If you answered yes to some of these things, your character might still be a Mary Sue. Don’t freak out.

If you answered no to all of these things, you’re off the hook. Your character is realistic, developed, and flawed. Character is not a Mary Sue. Feel free to put your time and energy into worrying about something else.

Basically, if you answered yes to some/all of those questions, all you have to do is tweak your story so that your character is more realistic/developed/flawed. I said that’s “all you have to do” like it’s no big task, but I know it can be a big task. It can hurt and take time and be frustrating to rewrite a character, especially when you feel like this is your character and that’s just who s/he is. But it’s really important. And you’ll be glad you did it. You’ll be glad you did it.

If you’re already published and your Mary Sue is out there for the world to see, forever stuck in his/her Sue-ness, don’t make excuses for yourself. You messed up. Just promise to do better next time and to learn from your mistakes. It’s okay.


↳ 200 Small, and medium, HQ gifs of Max Irons, best known for his roles in The White Queen, The Host, and Red Riding Hood. None of these gifs were made by me, full credit goes to those who made these. Sorry for any repeats, and absolutely none of these gifs include text. If you see one or more of your gifs that you want taken down, then feel free to send me a message! Sorry for any grey boxes!


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does anyone else choose a random gif for covos and then base what their character’s reply on that

or is that just me


↳ an anon asked me how i made my sidebar, so here i am with a tutorial! hopefully it's coherent enough, i'm not that great at explaining graphics things but it should be pretty simple. you'll need basic photoshop knowledge for this tutorial, and jsyk, i use cs5. please like or reblog if this helps you! :)


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